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Quality Representation For Professional Discipline And Regulation

Individuals in regulated occupations invest significant resources into qualifying and practising their profession. Society rightly holds them to a high standard of conduct. Any allegation of misconduct could lead to significant reputational damage and lifelong consequences.

Neuberger & Partners LLP exists to advocate for professionals who seek high-calibre representation in the face of disciplinary investigations. Drawing upon years of experience and proven strategies, our legal team assists clients in assembling a solid, impactful defence before self-regulating bodies.


Navigating Clients Through Regulatory Investigations

As a premium law firm, Neuberger & Partners LLP provides professionals with access to sophisticated legal service in a boutique firm setting. Our lawyers work continually to develop comprehensive and creative approaches to managing the risks associated with professional disciplinary action.

Our firm has represented clients in disciplinary hearings throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. As lawyers, we have built a solid reputation with courts, tribunals and licensing agencies across the province. We have close familiarity with a broad spectrum of self-governing bodies, their processes and regulatory frameworks. We leverage this knowledge and experience to move our clients effectively and efficiently toward the most optimal outcome possible.


Insightful Guidance In A Range Of Disciplines And Charges

Our lawyers have acted on behalf of such professionals as:

Charges vary, but our lawyers can represent clients who face either criminal charges before the justice system, disciplinary investigations by regulatory bodies or civil suits in professional liability claims.

One reason underlying our record of success is our legal team’s dedication to continually expanding our knowledge base. By keeping abreast of developments in both law and other sectors such as finance and psychology, our lawyers are able to use multidimensional insights in engineering an effective defence for our clients.

Criminal Law

Over Three Decades Of Practice

Founded in 1993, Neuberger & Partners LLP is a high profile Toronto law firm with exclusive focus on criminal law. Our lawyers have represented clients in simple, complex and high-profile cases throughout the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario.

About Us


Professional Disciplines

Strategic Advocacy To Manage Risk For Professionals

After helping hundreds of clients, our lawyers are cognizant of and sensitive to the complexities of disciplinary cases. We understand the demands of working in professional environments. Individuals can easily and unintentionally fall prey to mounting pressures and find themselves facing potentially career-ending allegations of misconduct.

Our role is to help clients fight strategically for what they have at stake. Part of our success in crafting an effective defence is in working collaboratively. Our lawyers take a team approach to analyzing the facts and devising possible defence tactics. We also frequently draw on a network of complementary advisors as forensic psychiatrists, forensic accountants and technology experts.

Our founder, Joseph Neuberger has an extensive experience in defending Professional Discipline matters. We are assisted by Mariya Protsenko, who has worked on numerous complex criminal and professional discipline cases.


Discuss Your Professional Discipline Case With Our Lawyers

When facing regulatory investigations, seeking legal advice is a critical first step. Even if you believe yourself innocent of the allegations, gaining the benefit of a solicitor-client relationship can protect you from providing potentially self-incriminating evidence.

Putting your case on the best track toward a successful resolution starts with a legal consultation. Contact our law firm online us or call 416-364-3111 to arrange a meeting today.

Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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