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Sexual assault in Ontario: Understanding the age of consent

The age of consent for having sex is an often debated issue. It is an important question to have answered, however, since it can be the difference between something completely permissible or sexual assault, if one of the individuals in question is still at a young age. For instance, what happens when a 15-year-old female and a 21-year-old male have sex?

New evidence presented in Toronto police sexual assault trial

Sexual assault trials are high-stakes affairs for those on both sides of the allegation. These cases are notoriously complex, especially when substance use is involved. This week, the defence for Toronto police officers accused of sexual assault produced video evidence that raised questions for jurors and the general public alike.

Teacher facing multiple sexual assault accusations from students

To work in a profession that requires one to be in a position of trust can be both a blessing and a curse. The public generally holds such people in high regard; doctors, police officers, teachers and others have respect in their communities. They are also held to a higher standard than most other professionals. When allegations of misconduct circulate, public reaction can be swift and strong, even before a conviction. An Ontario teacher facing charges of sexual assault likely knows all this first hand.

Toronto Uber driver accused of sexual assault by young passenger

The dynamic of a taxi is a unique one: one driver transporting perhaps only one passenger, a complete stranger, to another destination in the driver's car. It is impossible for anyone other than the occupants of the vehicle to know exactly what transpires through the duration of the trip. An accusation of criminal wrongdoing may be merely a case of "he said, she said" and yet can cause a major legal problem for the accused individual. A Toronto Uber driver is wrestling with that very problem after his arrest for sexual assault.

Toronto man arrested for alleged sexual assault on pregnant woman

As has been mentioned in this blog before, media scrutiny makes it difficult for anyone accused of a crime to lead a normal life. Although any person suspected of committing a crime is innocent until and unless shown to be otherwise, that will not prevent the media from circulating the name and photograph of someone accused of a crime. It's a difficult situation for any person, but that shouldn't prevent him or her from pursuing justice. A recent example involves a Toronto man charged with two counts of sexual assault.

Allegations of sexual assault against Toronto transit rider

These are volatile times for gender relations issues. How society perceives sexual assault, and how the legal system deals with it, are under intense scrutiny of late. Without a doubt, sex crimes are a serious matter, and it is good to maintain an open dialogue with hopes of changing how people think about these types of crimes. It is, however, a very bad time for anyone accused of sexual assault, as a recently arrested Toronto man will no doubt agree.

Bus passenger facing multiple sexual assault charges

To be suspected of a sex crime is a difficult situation to handle. Modern electronic media assures the quick dissemination of the suspect's name and image, and reputations can be tarnished overnight, long before guilt or innocence can be adjudicated. A man accused by three women of sexual assault on public transit in and around Toronto is one of the most recent examples.

Man suspected of sexual assault surrenders to police

When one is a suspect in the commission of a violent crime, one's natural inclination may be to try to avoid detection by staying out of sight. A better idea may be to simply cooperate with authorities, within reason. A man accused of sexual assault in Toronto chose that route, after police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Private school teacher arrested for alleged sexual assault

Allegations of misconduct can send shockwaves through a community when the accused is known by many. Accusations alone are not proof, but they are damaging, nonetheless. A teacher working just west of Toronto has lost his job after his arrest on suspicion of sexual assault.

Former youth hockey coach arrested for sexual assault

Those who choose to work with young people do a great service for the community. However, they can also put themselves in position to be accused of inappropriate acts. Often, these acts are not reported for many years, which may make the validity of any such claims suspect. Nevertheless, police do take such allegations extremely seriously. An Ontario man who coached hockey for kids across two decades knows this first hand, as he finds himself facing accusations of sexual assault dating back many years.


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