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March 2017 Archives

Toronto man arrested for violent crimes after nightclub incident

There is something about a night out at a loud and crowded social venue that can bring out the worst in some people. Perhaps that is what happened at an east GTA nightclub recently when a fight broke out between two late night revellers . In the aftermath of the fight, a single person now faces charges for violent crimes after allegedly discharging a gun.

Man suspected of sexual assault surrenders to police

When one is a suspect in the commission of a violent crime, one's natural inclination may be to try to avoid detection by staying out of sight. A better idea may be to simply cooperate with authorities, within reason. A man accused of sexual assault in Toronto chose that route, after police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Weapons seized, though no evidence of violent crimes present

Sometimes the appearance of a scene can cast an entirely unfavourable light on matters. Despite a lack of any immediately obvious links to violent crimes or criminal activity, police seized a large collection of weapons recently. A man living north of Toronto is now facing a long list of charges as a result.

Charges can pile up after a drinking and driving arrest

Not every story of alleged drunk driving ends with a catastrophic collision. However, many of them do end with an arrest. Sometimes, people accused of drinking and driving face multiple charges and may have a difficult legal ordeal ahead. Such is the case with a woman arrested not far from Toronto just recently.

Big rig operator suspected of driving under the influence

When the Ontario Provincial Police pull a driver over, there could be several reasons. While a driver might be suspected of driving under the influence, officers still have to determine whether the vehicle operator is in fact impaired and, if so, by what. Any driver who faces charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or even prescribed medication could end up facing severe consequences if convicted.

Drug trafficking charges followed up a recent fentanyl overdose

Courts in Ontario treat any drug offences as serious crimes. Regardless of the severity of the charges, be it possession of a small amount of marijuana or drug trafficking of large amounts of illegal substances, penalties may be steep if a person is convicted. Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer on one’s side can help ensure that any accused individual proceeds with the best possible defense strategy.

Serious criminal allegations follow seizure of explosive device

Few things are scarier that an arrest and accusations of criminal conduct. Serious criminal allegations that result in convictions come with severe penalties, especially if there are weapons involved. Ontario residents facing such circumstances will likely be exploring the defence options available to them.

Two drivers walk free after a violation of rights

Drivers in Ontario who are accused of driving while intoxicated may find two recent court rulings interesting. These cases show how important it is for drivers to take note of every step that law enforcement takes during a traffic stop and while conducting tests to determine blood alcohol levels. Even the slightest deviance from prescribed procedures may ruin the case of the Crown when an impaired driving case goes to court.

Four Toronto teens arrested for alleged violent crimes

When law enforcement accuses individuals in Toronto of crimes, the suspects have some basic rights. One of those is the presumption of innocence until proved guilty in a court of law. Four men who were captured in connection with violent crimes that involved a shooting incident in Toronto on Dec. 31 will likely be exploring their defence options. The Youth Criminal Justice Act protects the identities of two of them who were minors of ages 16 and 17 years.

Failed breath test won't guarantee an impaired driving conviction

Failing a roadside breath test is a frightening prospect. A conviction for impaired driving may mean a fine, a lost licence, and perhaps other penalties. Those are serious punishments for the average citizen. However, there have been many cases wherein failed tests did not lead to convictions. A recent example happened in Ontario when a woman's case was dismissed for a Charter violation.

Ontario man arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking

Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can spell trouble on occasion. That's may be what happened to a southern Ontario man after police took an interest in him as he made a late night trip to a convenience store. He now faces multiple charges for alleged drug trafficking

Serious accident in Toronto leads to impaired driving charges

Virtually no one sets out to injure another person with his or her car, either on purpose or through neglect. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and people sometimes get hurt. If there is reason to suspect alcohol may have been a factor, an accident can become a serious legal issue. A man from east of Toronto is facing impaired driving charges after a recent incident left another motorist badly injured.

Private school teacher arrested for alleged sexual assault

Allegations of misconduct can send shockwaves through a community when the accused is known by many. Accusations alone are not proof, but they are damaging, nonetheless. A teacher working just west of Toronto has lost his job after his arrest on suspicion of sexual assault.

Parkdale pair arrested for arson, suspected of producing drugs

There are times when the best of plans can go horribly wrong. Perhaps that was the case just before a large explosion in a Toronto apartment building recently. Following the blast, two people, who were allegedly producing drugs, were arrested and now have to deal with injuries and legal problems.


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