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February 2017 Archives

Former youth hockey coach arrested for sexual assault

Those who choose to work with young people do a great service for the community. However, they can also put themselves in position to be accused of inappropriate acts. Often, these acts are not reported for many years, which may make the validity of any such claims suspect. Nevertheless, police do take such allegations extremely seriously. An Ontario man who coached hockey for kids across two decades knows this first hand, as he finds himself facing accusations of sexual assault dating back many years.

Drug trafficking charges laid following dispensary raid

The buying and selling of medical marijuana continues to be a source of legal headaches in Ontario. There does exist a certain degree of confusion surrounding the manufacture and distribution of the product, and this has led to many raids and arrests of seemingly legitimate businesses in this province. The latest happened just this month and left a man facing several charges, including drug trafficking.

Toronto man accused of east end sexual assault

The unfortunate truth is a person can accuse another person of just about anything. If it happens there are no witnesses to corroborate the story, it becomes a matter of "he said, she said," an all-too-common occurrence. Even if evidence is presented, the entire story may not be immediately evident. When the accusations include allegations of sexual assault, life can become very difficult for the accused, regardless of what actually happened.

Sexual assault charges pressed against man and woman

Sex crimes are among the most frowned upon misdeeds with which a person can be charged. Simply being associated with an accusation of sexual assault can turn a person's world upside down. That recently happened for a man and a woman charged by Toronto Police last month.

Woman arrested on drug trafficking charges west of Toronto

They say when it rains it pours. Like a torrential downfall, sometimes drug charges come raining down on a person after a police raid. When this happens, the accused individual may feel as if he or she is drowning in legal troubles. A woman from west of Toronto knows this exact feeling after police entered her home recently and charged her with drug trafficking and other crimes.

Pair charged for alleged drug distribution from Toronto home

Marijuana continues to be a touchy subject in Canada, and many think of it as a legal "grey area." At the end of the day, however, there are still strict laws in place regarding its use, possession and transfer. A pair of Toronto residents was recently charged after police broke up what they allege to be a neighbourhood drug distribution business.

Woman charged with impaired driving after rollover accident

For a group of people to escape from a serious accident with only minor injuries is very fortunate, indeed. A woman driving a vehicle that rolled on its roof was not able to avoid prosecution, however. Police have charged her with impaired driving after an accident just outside Toronto.

Toronto Police raids lead to drug trafficking, weapons charges

When a man or woman is swept up in the net of a major police action, what he or she does next may be crucial to the outcome. High-profile raids and arrests are intimidating, and many may feel they have no chance of being defended. Perhaps that was weighing on the minds of three people recently arrested by Toronto Police for drug trafficking and other alleged crimes.


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