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October 2016 Archives

Local restaurant owner charged with drug trafficking

Allegations of criminal behaviour should always be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. Drug-related charges can be especially difficult to deal with, and may be highly disruptive to the accused person's life. A Toronto business owner facing charges of drug trafficking now knows this firsthand. 

Impaired driving alleged in Markham crash that killed two

Recovering from a serious car accident can be a difficult process. Knowing that accident claimed the lives of two others would make it beyond painful. Sadly, that's the situation for a man accused of impaired driving after an accident north of Toronto this past summer.

Man faces drug trafficking charges -- found sleeping in car

When a person is caught completely unawares, it can make explaining the situation very difficult. And, when the consequences of the situation may result in incarceration, it's an extremely serious matter. Just such a matter now faces a southwestern Ontario man who chose the wrong spot for a nap, and ended up with drug trafficking charges laid against him.

Police opinion on impaired driving could count as that of experts

Determining whether a driver has been impaired by alcohol is usually a straightforward matter. By administering a breath test, a police officer can tell with some certainty if an individual has a blood alcohol level that exceeds the legal limit in Ontario. However, what happens in cases in which impaired driving is believed to be the result of drug use?

Lack of probable cause leads to acquittal for convicted dealer

Citizens of Ontario have a right to fair treatment at the hands of the law, regardless of who they are. The mere suspicion of wrong-doing is not justification for detention, or arrest. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to a Toronto man who was detained and searched without probable cause.

Exploding dispensary leads to drug trafficking charge

The ongoing dispute between citizens and marijuana dispensaries in Toronto shows no sign of abating. While drug trafficking charges have been laid in some cases, these businesses often operate in a legal grey area. A catastrophic event at one Forest Hill dispensary has brought a lot of attention to the neighbourhood, and legal trouble for one man.

Man suspected of drinking and driving refuses Breathalyzer

Few people set out to cause trouble, or put themselves and others in danger. Unfortunately, the consumption of alcohol can set otherwise well intentioned people on the road to trouble. Such may have been the case for one man arrested for drinking and driving in northern Ontario this summer.

Guelph home raided after drug trafficking charges laid

An upswing in the use of the powerful drug fentanyl has brought with it an increased level of police scrutiny of the street drug trade. For those caught in the dragnet, the potential repercussions are severe. Two southwestern Ontario men are now facing drug trafficking charges after being targeted by a months-long police investigation.

Sexual assault charges brought against Toronto supply teacher

When a person's job requires him or her to be in a position of trust, anything that erodes that trust can be a major problem. An accusation of sexual assault is a serious allegation that can prove extremely damaging, especially for an educator. A Toronto man now faces this situation after charges were filed against him, stemming from an alleged incident that happened approximately six years ago.

Multiple violent crimes charges as man accused of shooting driver

When tempers flare, rash decisions often follow. Downtown Toronto was the scene of an accidental shooting this past spring, a direct result of one such decision. A west GTA man finds himself charged with several violent crimes after a late night argument got out of hand, and an unlucky bystander was injured.


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