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September 2016 Archives

Drinking and driving cause of hit and run in Brampton

Even the best of us can sometimes make poor decisions. Unfortunately, when those decisions result in an accident, there can be dire consequences. An east GTA man driving just west of Toronto has been charged with drinking and driving after allegedly causing a serious two-car wreck. His alleged decision to flee the scene may make things even worse for him.

New laws for those caught driving under the influence coming soon

The laws governing impaired driving in Ontario are about to change. Driving under the influence does not currently carry the same penalty for drug use as it does for alcohol. As of Oct. 2, 2016, the playing field will be more level.

Toronto chess instructor accused of sexual assault

To be a teacher is to be in a position of trust -- trust from parents, children and the educational institute. When that trust is alleged to have been broken, things can become very difficult for the accused in an instant. A Toronto instructor facing charges of sexual assault now finds himself in the middle of a teacher's nightmare.

Patient accuses doctor of sexual assault

Certain professions require a person to deal with others at an atypical level of intimacy. Individuals with such careers may find themselves in potentially compromising situations, situations in which some may perceive a breach of trust has occurred. An Ontario doctor stands accused of sexual assault after a patient felt such a breach took place.

Driver charged with impaired driving claims to have been sleeping

When it comes to the law, things are seldom black and white. No matter how plain a matter may seem to be, sometimes there's an unlikely explanation that comes to light during a case.  For one man a late night in Toronto led to a tragic incidence of impaired driving with a potentially bizarre twist.

Toronto and Kingston connections in drug trafficking case

Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have unexpectedly dire consequences. Regardless of an individual's intentions, it may be that the actions of another place him or her in a difficult position. A Toronto man recently accused of drug trafficking found this out firsthand. 

Three facing drug trafficking charges after seniors' home raid

Sometimes crime happens in the least likely of places. An apartment building for senior citizens in rural Ontario is not where one would expect to find an alleged drug trafficking operation. However, that is exactly what police discovered recently, and three people are now facing a variety of charges.


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