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June 2016 Archives

Consent a question in some sexual assault cases

While every criminal charge has the potential to be complicated, some are more difficult to defend against than others. An example of this is where sex crime charges are concerned. In some cases there may be a question as to whether the accused actually committed an act that constitutes sexual assault.

Toronto to decide fate of police use of body-worn cameras

Technology is a part of virtually all of our lives. In addition to smart phones, it can take multiple other forms as well. Even law enforcement officers look to technology to better do their jobs. Recently, police officers in Toronto completed a pilot project involving body-worn cameras.

Issues with breathalyzer could result in case being tossed

In most drunk driving cases breathalyzers play a role. It is not uncommon for the breath test to be administered following a traffic stop as part of a sobriety test. When the machine works correctly, it is supposed to provide an accurate reading of the amount of alcohol in the driver’s system. If the amount registered is over the legal limit, it will be used as evidence by the crown as it builds its case. If the machine does not work as intended, the odds of a conviction being secured, will likely drop.

Alleged car theft results in drug charges

There are a variety of situations that could lead to someone being arrested for committing an alleged crime. Recently we wrote about drug charges that were laid after a sweep was conducted in Toronto. While that is one way in which charges could arise, it is not the only one. Other times tips from other citizens could prompt police to take action. The recent arrest of three individuals in Toronto provides a good example of this. 

Charges for sexual assault may come decades after alleged act

In Ontario, authorities take allegations of sexual assault very seriously. Accordingly, it is possible that people could face criminal charges associated with the act many years after it allegedly occurred. The charges a Toronto man currently face, illustrate this. The man, who is now 48, was recently arrested in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred in 1994.


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