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November 2015 Archives

Judge finds man who admitted taking videos of students not guilty

The evidence presented at trial plays an important role in whether an accused is deemed innocent or guilty. Once presented, a judge or jury will determine whether it supports the charges. Recently, a Superior Court Justice acquitted a former secondary school teacher of voyeurism after he was caught making videos of a total of 27 female students.

Building a defence may be difficult after long passage of time

Do you remember what you were doing in 1990? Many people probably do not and would agree that was a long time ago. This was likely the case for a 61-year-old Toronto man who was recently arrested and charged with first-degree murder. The man is accused of stabbing a 38-year-old man to death in 1990, in the course of a robbery, while the deceased worked at a gas bar. 

Drunk driving arrests up in GTA

Throughout the province of Ontario law enforcement officers are on the lookout for drunk drivers. When someone is suspected of engaging in engaging in the activity they may be pulled over and arrested. According to a sergeant with the OPP, this year the number of impaired driving-related charges is up. Throughout the Greater Toronto Area this year, there have been approximately 17 percent more arrests.

Domestic violence policy of MLB slated to be tested

In an earlier post we wrote about how some professional athletes could face consequences for domestic violence allegations, above and beyond what the criminal justice system pursues. Depending on the situation, the outcome may be worse than what they would face in conjunction with any criminal charges that might be levied. One of the professional sports leagues that most recently announced its domestic violence policy is Major League Baseball. That policy is slated to be tested with the recent arrest of Jose Reyes.

Recordings of interactions with police may be helpful at trial

The fact that many Greater Toronto Area residents routinely have smartphones with cameras on them at any given time, has made it easy for people to regularly take pictures and videos of themselves, their friends and their surroundings. It has also led to an increase in the number of encounters with law enforcement that are recorded.

Ontario Liberals want to stop carding

This past summer we wrote a post about civil rights activists in Toronto who were seeking to end the practice of carding. Carding is a way that law enforcement can gather information that is then stored in a secret database indefinitely, for future use. According to critics, the activity is often used as a way to target individuals from ethnic minorities.


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