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October 2015 Archives

Transit driver arrested for drunk driving while working

Communities throughout Canada take alleged drunk driving seriously. Accordingly, there are laws in place that may result in harsh penalties for a conviction. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, there are other consequences that could arise as well. A woman recently arrested for allegedly driving drunk while working may find that she is facing collateral consequences.

Criminal defence lawyer may be of assistance after conviction

There is no question that if someone is accused of committing a crime it is best to take action as soon as possible to either prevent the Crown from bringing charges or try to have any pending charges dismissed. When this is not possible building a strong defence at trial can lead to a not guilty verdict. Even when someone is found guilty of committing a crime it is possible a criminal defence lawyer could be of assistance. The Toronto man known as the "vendetta bomber" recently experienced relief after the several convictions against him were thrown out on appeal.

Sexting teens could be breaking the law

Young love causes teens throughout Canada to engage in activities they might not otherwise engage in. Teenagers in Ontario are not different. With cellphones equipped with cameras standard equipment for those who fall into this age range, it should not be surprising that sexting—sending photos that are nude or semi-nude to each other—is an activity that at least some teens engage in.  It is likely that most who engaging the activity are not aware that they could be breaking the law.

Registering with the Ontario Sex Offender Registry

In our last post we wrote about sex crime charges an Ontario teacher is currently facing. In that post we mentioned that one of the penalties that man might face is registering as a sex offender. While many readers may be vaguely acquainted with what it entails, its specifics are probably not widely known by most, including those who could face registration. In this post we will provide some information about the sex offender registration in Ontario.

Individuals accused of sex crimes may face immediate consequences

Most are aware that a criminal conviction can result in serious consequences. In some situations however, even the charge can have an impact. For example, depending on what the charge is and what one does for a living, his or her occupation could be impacted. A secondary school teacher from Ontario is currently in this situation. He was recently arrested and accused of possessing child pornography. Following the arrest the man was removed from the classroom. Pending the outcome of the case, the man is "assigned to home work."

Consequences for charges involving opiates generally harsh

There are multiple activities involving drugs that could result in criminal charges. One need not be in possession of them for charges to be filed. An Ontario man is facing this reality now. He was arrested after a package that was in transit to his home was seized. The package contained 1.8 kilograms of opium.

Trafficking laws pertain to street and prescription drugs

To face criminal drug charges one need not be accused of something illegal involving street drugs. It is possible that someone could be accused of a drug crime involving prescription drugs as well. Though under certain circumstances the possession and use of these drugs is legal, trafficking them is not.

Are domestic violence programs working in Ontario?

When most people are accused of committing a crime, they want to do anything they can to have the charges dismissed or reduced. When this is not possible, an acquittal is generally sought. Even when someone is convicted of a crime however, there may be things that individual can do to minimize the severity of the penalty.


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