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Domestic violence addressed by CFL in new policy

All are likely aware that someone who is convicted of domestic violence could face serious consequences within the criminal justice system. Readers may not realize how it could impact other parts of their lives however, such as their employment. This is true regardless of what one does for a living and includes professional football players.

Perhaps in response to the backlash the NFL recently faced in the United States following multiple accusations of domestic violence by players, the CFL recently announced its violence against women policy. The policy applies not only to players but team staff members and coaches as well. The intent behind the creation of the policy is to:

  • Assess the risk
  • Reduce or eliminate the risk
  • Mitigate harm
  • Promote positive change

Among other things, each year, those who work for the CFL will undergo mandatory training regarding violence against women. A priority of the teams will also be on teaching youth that violence against women is not okay.

Though the focus of the plan is primarily to provide support to the victims, the CFL commissioner will be able to take some punitive actions. In addition to suspending players, if someone is found guilty of the crime, he can also ban the individual for life.

Life can dramatically change for anyone who is found guilty of domestic violence. Because of this it is vital that anyone who faces such charges takes the necessary steps to build a defence. Contacting a criminal defence lawyer is generally the best place to start.

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