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Two siblings charged after search uncovers drugs

Let's say the police show up at a home you share with several people and have a search warrant. If they are trying to find evidence of drugs, they can look through most of the home and, if your housemates have any contraband in the home, there could be serious consequences. But those consequences may not be restricted solely to your housemates. During the search, if they find drugs in the common areas of the home, they may believe you are culpable, as well.

Human Rights Commission questions Ontario Provincial Police

One of the best things about Ontario and Canada in general is that it truly is a multicultural mosaic of different cultures and peoples. There are immigrants living next to native-born Canadians. There are people of various skin colours, religions and ethnic backgrounds all living and working together. At the same time, there are some who believe that certain groups are more prone to violent crime. This can be especially problematic if those people are members of the Ontario Provincial Police.

The effects of cocaine use on employment

As we have written about before, being suspected of drug use can have serious consequences. Not only could someone face criminal drug charges, but he or she could also have an untold number of problems at work, at home and in one's personal life. By working with a criminal defence lawyer, however, someone charged with drug crimes can at least alleviate some of the more difficult aspects -- the drug charges.

Crown prosecutors drop charges after review of evidence

Drinking and driving is against the law in Ontario, but only when a driver's blood alcohol content exceeds a specific level. If the driver's blood alcohol level is over 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres, he or she could be facing serious criminal charges and punishment. When the driver is a public figure such as Jonas Valanciunas of the Toronto Raptors, a criminal charge can also seriously damage a driver's reputation.

Sometimes criminal charges just don't make sense

You could expect that if you threw a knife at someone that you would be facing criminal charges. You could also expect to face assault charges for hitting someone, kicking them or maybe even pushing them. Not many people in the Greater Toronto Area would expect, however, for someone to be facing criminal charges for throwing a juice box at an individual and pouring the juice on the hood of a her car. Though those actions may not be wise or even appropriate, a charge of assault with a weapon may be going a bit far.

Government uses forfeiture laws to claim offenders' property

Anyone who says that the federal and provincial governments are soft on marijuana crimes may need to rethink his or her opinion. Though it is far from universal, there are a number of cases in which the government will attempt to seize an offender's property solely because he or she had a marijuana grow op on the land.

Should poor judgment result in criminal charges?

We don't always make the best decisions. It is just part of human nature to make mistakes or to not do what makes the most sense. Most of the time those mistakes have very few long-term or serious consequences, but sometimes they do. Even when they do, though, should a simple mistake or spate of bad judgment lead to criminal charges? Unfortunately, sometimes they do.

Why mandatory minimum sentences don't make sense for Canada

Most people in Toronto realize that the U.S. imprisons far more people than Canada does, and that high rate of imprisonment is due, in part, to mandatory minimum sentences. While these sentences are particularly prevalent in drug cases, there are many laws that strip judges of their discretion in sentencing. Unlike Canadian judges, many American judges must send defendants to prison for years solely because they meet a select number of criteria.


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