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March 2014 Archives

Man lives with wrongful rape allegation for 40 years

While there are very few things that are as traumatic as rape, there are also very few criminal charges that carry such weight as rape. Even though it is always important to be sensitive to anyone in Markham who claims to have been raped, it is always important that an accuser's story is checked out so that someone is not wrongfully convicted of the crime. In the Crown's effort to hold people accountable for rape, it is essential that someone's liberty is not sacrificed.

Citizens can continue to grow marijuana if previously approved

There are many people in the Greater Toronto Area who have been given permission to posses or grow their own medical marijuana, but after the Conservative government changed the regulations to only allow for commercial growing of marijuana, several individual citizens filed a lawsuit. Fortunately, the federal courts have sided with the individuals, saying that anyone who already has a license to grow marijuana can continue to do so. This is important for anyone who is currently cultivating marijuana as medicine for themselves or others.

Young man charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle

Everyone makes mistakes; this is an unavoidable fact of life. Some mistakes are relatively minor, like forgetting to turn the lights off when leaving home. Some are more major. Although most of us in Toronto wish our mistakes to be forgiven, when a mistake becomes criminal, it can mean serious punishment, a criminal record and all the negative consequences that come with both. When those mistakes are made young (as they so often are), the effects of a criminal conviction can haunt someone for years to come.

Debate over synthetic drugs lands sellers in trouble

Do we all know what is legal or illegal? If something is being sold online or in plain view in a Toronto store is it illegal? Although many of us in the Greater Toronto Area are convinced that we can spot criminal activity when it happens, it may not always be as clear-cut as we think. For the manufacturers of synthetic drugs, there is some debate over whether producing the drugs is legal; the producers and sellers say it is, the police say it isn't.

Judge: broom and spices are weapons

It may seem ridiculous to many people in Toronto, especially those who own shops, restaurants or small businesses, but a Toronto judge has found a restauranteur guilty of trying to stand up against someone he thought was a thief. The restaurant owner has been convicted of assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm, both of which are serious crimes. Even if he doesn't receive a particularly long or harsh sentence, he will still have a criminal record that marks him as someone who has committed assault.

Ontario legislation debate focuses on 'problem' properties

Everyone in Toronto wants a safe neighborhood, but what the province wants to do to get there reeks of repressive, invasive laws that could do more harm than good. While Ontario is only debating passing legislation similar to Alberta's and other provinces' Safer Communities and Neighbourhood acts, many are pointing out the flaws of the law. The Toronto Centre For Addiction and Mental Health opposes the proposed legislation and it is not the only organization to do so.

Family loses 2 children, son sentenced to 4 years in prison

It must be a couple's worst nightmare to lose a child in a tragic accident, but to lose two children must be absolutely heartbreaking. Unfortunately for a Peterborough family, that is exactly what happened. Granted, one of their children is going to prison for four years and six months while the other has, tragically, drowned, it must feel as if both are gone.

Peel Regional Police arrest Brampton man on marijuana charges

A Brampton man has recently been arrested by the Peel Regional Police after they claim they found an extensive drug production operation in a Mississauga commercial building. How the man has been linked to the grow operation remains to be seen, as the Brampton Guardian does not indicate if the man was at the grow site at the time of the Major Drugs and Vice Unit's raid.

Teenagers accused of perpetuating violent robberies

It is hard enough for teenagers to be charged with a crime, but when that alleged crime is violent, the penalties, stigma and serious consequences become even more severe. Teenagers make mistakes and, sometimes, those mistakes may even be criminal, but it is our responsibility as a society to have teenagers learn from their mistakes. It does not serve us and it certainly does not serve the teenagers to have them locked up and removed from society.


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