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May 2013 Archives

Ontario man charged as second suspect

While police have already filed charges associated with the death of a Hamilton man who took two men on a test drive and did not return, a second suspect is now being implicated for the man's death. A 25-year-old from Oakville is now facing murder charges in the first degree.

Niagara Falls residents arrested in national drug investigation

Fifteen individuals from Ontario and other parts of Canada have been charged with a variety of charges after officers conducted an investigation for three years. The charges stem from an investigation of marijuana grow ops. In 2009, 17 Canadian and American citizens were charged in relation to similar activities that initiated the investigation. Those individuals faced a variety of charges, including the production of marijuana, distribution of marijuana, exporting ecstasy and exporting methamphetamine.

Woman faces jail after wild ride

A Toronto woman faces a six-month jail sentence after taking her friend's four-year-old daughter without permission and going on a wild car ride. While driving under the influence, the woman caused two accidents. An Ontario Superior Court justice issued a statement expressing his desire for the court to send a clear message that those who drive while intoxicated must be dealt with harshly.

Toronto area drug raid nets cocaine and more

Police seized cocaine, hashish and money in a series of drug raids in the greater Toronto area. Five people were taken into custody, all from ages 18 to 30. All five were charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking cocaine. The police also provided pictures of some of the seized material.One raid targeted a Legion Rd. N apartment in Toronto where three arrests for drug charges were made. Two others were arrested at another raid in the greater area. All arrests involved cocaine, but only the three persons arrested in the first raid were charged with hashish possession.

Toronto man charged with 5 counts of sexual assault

Police in Toronto charged a man with five counts of sexual assault in the span of just a quarter of an hour. According to reports, the first incident of sexual assault was called in at 1 p.m., and the man in question was taken into custody by officers at around 1:15 p.m. Several women reported the incident, and the man was also charged with breach of recognizance-peace bond. A court date was set for the following morning. More women may have been involved as well.The incident reportedly occurred on Queen Street West and Dovercourt Road in the middle of the week and the middle of the afternoon. Daylight assault cases are generally rare, and what prompted the incident was not listed in the report.


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