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February 2013 Archives

Vaughan man convicted of cocaine charges denied day parole

If someone is convicted of a serious crime in the Greater Toronto Area, he or she may be sentenced to years in prison, but there is often a possibility of parole. For a 43 year old from Vaughan, however, his request for day parole was recently denied by the National Parole Board. The man pled guilty to a cocaine trafficking conspiracy in 2009, but he has always maintained that he is not associated with the Rizzuto crime group, a mafia-like organization operating in Canada.

Young man accused of sexual assault on Toronto bus

There are certain crimes that stir up strong emotions within Toronto and there is no doubt that sex crimes can raise negative feelings. Being accused of a sexual assault, for example, comes with more than the threat of serious consequences. Someone fighting sex crimes allegations will also have to deal with the negative social impact of being considered a sexual offender, even if he or she has not be convicted. It is highly recommended that anyone in Toronto accused of sexual assault seek out a criminal defence lawyer immediately.


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