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The drug Ecstasy, while often thought of as a harmless "club drug," is taken seriously by law enforcement in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada. A conviction for possession of Ecstasy can result in a number of serious consequences. If you or someone you know is facing Ecstasy possession charges, it is important to exercise your right to legal counsel.

At Neuberger & Partners LLP, our lawyers offer dependable and knowledgeable representation based on decades of criminal defence experience in drug possession cases. We are candid with our clients and will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your case.

Unintended Consequences of an Ecstasy Possession Conviction

A conviction for Ecstasy possession could result in a number of penalties, including fines or incarceration. Having a conviction on your criminal record could interfere with or block your ability to travel or emigrate to another country such as the United States. So while getting busted with Ecstasy at a party may seem like "no big deal," you need to take your situation seriously and consult with a lawyer.

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