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Police charge 2 men following brief crime spree in the GTA

People will often say that good things seem to happen in threes. For a pair of Greater Toronto Area men, however, three is not a lucky number. The two men are accused by police of going on a crime spree and committing three robberies in various locations around the west end of Toronto.

Weapons seized, though no evidence of violent crimes present

Sometimes the appearance of a scene can cast an entirely unfavourable light on matters. Despite a lack of any immediately obvious links to violent crimes or criminal activity, police seized a large collection of weapons recently. A man living north of Toronto is now facing a long list of charges as a result.

Serious criminal allegations follow seizure of explosive device

Few things are scarier that an arrest and accusations of criminal conduct. Serious criminal allegations that result in convictions come with severe penalties, especially if there are weapons involved. Ontario residents facing such circumstances will likely be exploring the defence options available to them.

Toronto man accused of east end sexual assault

The unfortunate truth is a person can accuse another person of just about anything. If it happens there are no witnesses to corroborate the story, it becomes a matter of "he said, she said," an all-too-common occurrence. Even if evidence is presented, the entire story may not be immediately evident. When the accusations include allegations of sexual assault, life can become very difficult for the accused, regardless of what actually happened.

Two sexual assault charges for Hamilton doctor

Few things can strike as much fear into the heart of a professional as allegations of misconduct. Simply continuing to conduct business in a normal manner may prove very difficult once a claim or claims of inappropriate behaviour have been made. A doctor who practices just west of Toronto now faces charges of sexual assault, as well as restrictions on his practice.

In-home photo shoot ends with sexual assault charges

When two people emerge from a closed environment and one alleges a crime was committed therein, proof can sometimes be elusive. When the allegation is sexual assault, however, the accusation alone can make life difficult for the other person. A situation like this recently led to the arrest of a Toronto man. 

Uber driver denies violent crime claim by passengers

It is almost a given these days that when a person feels he or she is being wronged, he or she is going to pull out a cellphone and document the incident. While these videos can be helpful when it comes to verifying the facts of a situation, they only show what that person wants seen. When the incident is an apparent violent crime, the evidence can be very damaging to the accused. A Toronto driver-for-hire recently found this out the hard way.

Toronto justice slams police for unconstitutional strip searches

In our last post, we talked about a new initiative in Ontario to review police use of strip searches as well as the leading Supreme Court of Canada case on the subject. Today, we have news about a recent Ontario case that dealt with this sensitive and difficult subject in the Ontario Court of Justice. 

Ontario police-review agency to study strip searches in province

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director or OIPRD is launching a thorough review of the use of strip searches by police in Ontario. The OIPRD is an “independent civilian oversight agency” that investigates public complaints against police in the province. The agency is affiliated with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. 

Niagara Falls man enters guilty plea in lottery theft charges

On Tuesday, a retired man from Niagara Falls, Ontario, pleaded guilty to criminal charges stemming from an alleged scheme to claim the entire $7 million Lotto 6/49 lottery jackpot won with a ticket paid for by him and 10 other people. Specifically, he entered a plea admitting to two charges: theft over $5,000 and counselling his daughter to commit the criminal act of false pretenses, often referred to as fraud. 


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