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July 2013 Archives

Toronto rejects idea of injection site

Even though Toronto's board of health publicly endorsed supervised injection sites, the province said that it is not interested, according to the health minister. In 2011, Insite won a case in the Supreme Court, making it Canada's only sanctioned supervised injection site. Public sentiment was that the victory would lead to similar models throughout Canada, but this did not come into fruition. The idea behind supervised injection sites is to prevent people from accruing drug charges because of their addictions.

Ontario woman charged with sexual assault

A woman in Barrie who is living with HIV is in the process of being tried for having sex with three different men without informing them of her HIV status. She has been charged with aggravated sexual assault, which is a serious offence in the Criminal Code that holds a potential for several years in prison and a lifetime designation as a sex offender. However, the woman's case brings up several considerations.

Ottawa drug bust results in 3 taken into custody

The Ottawa Police Tactical Unit conducted a search at the 1500 block of Riverside Drive in Ottawa pursuant to a search warrant on June 26. The search resulted in three people being taken into custody, and they are facing charges related to illegal narcotics.