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Violent crimes: Suspect arrested in Oshawa shooting

A 26-year-old man is in police custody in connection with a 2017 shooting incident that left a 22-year-old man seriously injured. The accused, of no fixed address, allegedly shot the man during the day. The victim -- an Ontario resident from Oshawa -- was riding his bike when he was apparently approached by the accused, who demanded the jewellery the victim was wearing.

The accused left the scene after allegedly shooting the man after the cyclist refused to hand over his valuables. The victim was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries and later transferred to a trauma centre in Toronto. After the incident, the authorities asked the public for its help in identifying the suspect who appeared in a surveillance video which was distributed to media outlets and made public.

Dealing with accusations of professional misconduct as a teacher

Professional misconduct among educators in Ontario can take on different forms, and the severity can range from allegations of harm done directly to students to acts that could be detrimental to the profession. Misconduct charges against educators do not always involve actions that occurred on campus, nor do they always involve members of the school or college community. Unfortunately, almost all allegations of misconduct are severe and could have dire consequences -- even if there are no grounds for them.

If you are a teacher, you have most likely worked extremely hard to reach your professional status. Allegations of misconduct after your investment of significant resources over many years could be devastating. The damage to your reputation could have life-long repercussions even without a conviction or loss of licensing.

Fraud incidents in Ontario becoming more prevalent

There is a new law on the books that makes it illegal to sell anything related to utilities by going door to door. The Consumer Protection Act in Ontario was recently amended to clearly state that things like air conditioning, water treatment units, purifiers, duct cleaning, furnaces and the like can't be peddled by knocking on someone's door. Some people have been scammed by fraud associated with these types of sales. The best thing for people to do, according to the authorities, is to shut the door.

Fraud can also happen over the phone and on the internet. Fraud cases have been increasing in Canada since 2012, according to Statistics Canada. The Canadian anti-fraud centre estimates that pervasive marketing fraud is vastly under-reported. Canadian citizens lost about $95 million in 2017 due to marketing scams.

Ontario doctor facing sexual assault charges

A doctor who lost his medical licence in a civil hearing for allegedly touching a patient inappropriately is now facing criminal charges as well. The Ontario dermatologist denies the recent sexual assault allegations against him, saying it would have been physically impossible for his genitals to have come into contact with patients since his stomach is too large. The findings of a disciplinary panel for the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons (OCPS) regarding the incidents were inconclusive. However, because the panel found the doctor guilty of groping a patient's breasts in another incident last year, the panel revoked his licence. The doctor has appealed the decision. 

In addition to having his licence yanked, the accused also has to shell out $161,000 to pay for the disciplinary hearing and for therapy for the patients he allegedly abused. Several patients testified at the disciplinary hearing that the doctor rubbed his genitals against them while he was examining them -- accusations he denies. The physician has been suspended since 2015 after he was the disciplinary panel determined that he groped a patient's breasts.

Ontario robbery suspect accused of drug crime

A man wanted for a murder and other crimes in another country was recently taken into custody in connection with accusations of a drug crime. The 28-year-old was also wanted on armed robbery charges in Ontario in connection with an apparent crime in Feb. 2017. He was recently arrested on charges for possession of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl, said to be worth about $45,000 on the street.

The accused is also wanted in connection with the murder of a man in Belize. He was taken into custody on drug charges in that country, but later released and fled to Canada despite not having a passport. After being recently arrested in Northern Ontario on drug charges, cops found the accused was wanted in the Toronto area on robbery and extortion charges and for the Belize murder. 

Female teacher faces sexual assault charge regarding male student

A 28-year-old supply teacher is facing charges that stem from an alleged relationship with a teenage male student for three months in 2017. The Ontario woman, who subbed for the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB), has been charged with sexual assault. She occasionally taught for the school board for the last three years.

A spokesperson for the YCDSB said the board does everything it can to ensure the safety of its students and its staff. The accused teacher is no longer actively teaching for the board and is on paid leave. The spokesperson also said the board is cooperating fully with York Regional Police regarding an ongoing investigation and has made counselling services available to both students and staff.

Ontario car dealer in jail for fraud facing further charges

A used car salesperson recently jailed is now up against new charges. The Oshawa, Ontario man is serving time for fraud pertaining to a client of the dealership, but is now also facing additional charges that allege fraud against the car dealership for which he worked along with several banks. The man is facing multiple fraud charges stemming from thousands of missing funds from his place of employment, according to Durham police. 

About $140,000 is unaccounted for from the car lot where the accused worked from Sept. 2014 to May 2016. In addition to time being served for criminal activity, including using company credit cards without authorization and forging company cheques, the man is now facing additional charges of fraud as well as possessing property obtained by crime, unauthorized use of credit card information and forgery. He had already been sentenced to 30 days in jail for a fraud in which a customer of the dealership ended up unknowingly paying for the financing of several vehicles in contradiction of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. He was also found guilty of an unfair business practice under the Consumer Protection Act. 

Ontario man charged with former girlfriend's homicide

The body of a 29-year-old Hamilton woman was recently found in a parking garage. The victim's 30-year-old former boyfriend, also an Ontario resident and the father of the her young daughter, is facing a  homicide charge. The second-degree murder charge comes after the woman's body was found inside her car, which police were looking for since her family reported her as missing. She is the first homicide victim in Hamilton this year.

The parking garage where the woman's body was found was about 4 kms. from her apartment and in the area she was last spotted. Police said the victim and the accused, who was known to police, had a volatile, often allegedly violent relationship.  Family and friends were preparing to launch a citywide search and poster campaign when the woman's body was found.

Ontario high profile fraud case trial begins

The trial for a married Peterborough couple accused of using donation money earmarked for a special needs hockey team for their own personal use is underway. Both entered a not guilty plea in an Ontario Court of Justice to charges of fraud over $5,000. Each chose to have the trial with a judge alone rather than a jury.

The pair apparently opened an account in the name of the team and were the only ones to have access to it. People could make online donations through an email account that also belonged to the couple, according to the lawyer for the Crown. Over a three-year period about $30,000 was taken out of the account. On one occasion, money was allegedly withdrawn from the account on the same day that $9,000 was deposited into the accused man's personal account, while only $1,200 of that was sent over to the hockey team account.

Ontario students charged with sexual assault, plead not guilty

Four Ontario males pleaded not guilty in court recently to allegedly attacking a female. The males were all in their teens at the time of the apparent sexual assault in 2016 as was the purported victim, who they all knew. The woman's sobriety has recently come under question, but a forensic toxicologist out of Toronto said the woman's urine and blood samples taken the day after show no evidence of alcohol.

But when cross-examined, the toxicologist admitted he did not interview the woman or any potential witnesses to the woman's behaviour on the night of the alleged attack. However, the then 18-year-old allegedly told health care professionals she had been drinking vodka the evening prior. The toxicologist used a mathematical equation to try to ascertain what her blood alcohol level might have been, but said those calculations were based on what information he had to work with. Based on that, he said the woman would have fit the description of being legally impaired.


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