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RIDE check leads to drug trafficking charges outside Toronto

Like a fishing trawler dragging a net, sometimes a police stop catches more than was originally intended. For anyone caught, it may seem like an unfair situation. An Ontario Provincial Police RIDE stop near Cambridge recently landed a car full of unwitting people who are now facing drug trafficking charges.

On April 20, OPP officers conducting a RIDE check pulled over a vehicle at 12:56 a.m. on the ramp from Highway 24 to the 401. The driver of the vehicle entered the check stop as directed, but fled the scene without coming to a stop. Officers intercepted the vehicle further down the highway in Kitchener.

New bill could allow police more leeway to stop impaired driving

In most cases, simple suspicion is insufficient grounds for a police officer to detain a citizen. Probable cause is required in most instances before an officer may probe a matter further. Proposed new federal legislation may give police the right to partially circumvent that necessity in an effort to reduce impaired driving in Ontario, and across the country.

As the law currently stands, a police officer may only administer a sobriety test with a screening device if he or she has reasonable cause to suspect a motorist is impaired. Under the terms of Bill C-46, introduced on April 13, any motorist legally stopped could be subjected to a test, such as a Breathalyzer, even if there is no suspicion of impairment. An additional amendment proposed for the Criminal Code would allow a police drug recognition expert to testify during criminal trials.

Man turns self in after warrant issued for violent crimes

Without knowing the full details of an alleged crime, it can be difficult to understand what truly transpired. As an example, a case in Toronto recently came to light of a man who may simply have been a minor nuisance to a co-worker. As matters stand now, however, the police are involved and a man faces charges for violent crimes.

The trouble allegedly began innocently enough back in Dec. 2014. A young woman reported one of her male co-workers began giving her attention she did not want. She informed him that she did not wish his attention, but the man allegedly continued with this behaviour.

Serious criminal allegations pile up for man after gun is fired

Fleeing the scene of a crime, whether one is guilty or not, is never a good idea. Unfortunately, it is a natural human reaction, but the implications are not good. It is possible a Toronto man may have made his situation worse when he chose to leave the scene after a weapon was fired near a crowd. Police later arrested him, and he faces many serious criminal allegations.

The incident took place in a Scarborough parking lot on Jan. 28. A crowd had gathered near the intersection of Nugget and McCowan for a late-night event. At around 2:30 a.m., an individual apparently fired a gun multiple times. No one was hurt, though the crowd quickly dispersed. The suspect in the case also fled the scene.

Police charge 2 men and a woman with drug trafficking and more

When police make an arrest and there is an apparent abundance of physical evidence, it is an alarming turn of events for the accused. However, all suspects are presumed innocent unless proved otherwise; this is an important fact to remember during the aftermath of an arrest. Physical evidence abounded when two men and a woman were arrested in Toronto recently, and the trio now face various weapons and drug trafficking charges.

As part of an ongoing investigation in Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area, officers followed up a lead into alleged cocaine trafficking in the area on April 4. A 38-year-old Mississauga man and a 56-year-old Toronto resident were arrested together in Toronto. Both men went quietly. Officers reported finding 4.2 kilograms of cocaine in the possession of the two men, with a estimated value of $418,000.

Bus passenger facing multiple sexual assault charges

To be suspected of a sex crime is a difficult situation to handle. Modern electronic media assures the quick dissemination of the suspect's name and image, and reputations can be tarnished overnight, long before guilt or innocence can be adjudicated. A man accused by three women of sexual assault on public transit in and around Toronto is one of the most recent examples.

The first incidents allegedly happened on a TTC bus in Toronto's north end. Two women claim a man boarded the bus and assaulted them. One of the women notified the driver, who called the police. This incident led to two charges of sexual assault against the 41-year-old man.

East GTA man facing charges for violent crimes after bus incident

Many people have, at one time or another, acted out of character and regretted it later. Most often, the incident is soon forgotten, and the instigator moves on with his or her life. However, when the incident escalates to the point where law enforcement officers are called to intervene, it's not so easy to just walk away. A man from the easternmost part of the Greater Toronto Area has recently learned that after an alleged altercation on public transit led to charges for violent crimes.

During the afternoon of March 21, a young man was found to have passed out on the upper level of a GO bus in Newcastle. The driver attempted to wake the passenger, but was unable to do so. He made his way back down to his seat, after which the passenger evidently woke up.

New regulations coming for driving under the influence of pot?

As the federal government moves closer to legalizing marijuana, the scramble continues to try and effectively deal with pot and how it affects drivers. The latest available information indicates a date of July 1, 2018 for legalization, leaving little time to establish testing protocols and legislation of legal limits. While driving under the influence of drugs is already illegal in Ontario, it is still a complex subject.

The MP most closely associated with the move toward legalization, former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, says there has been great progress overall. He admits, however, they are still no further ahead on the matter of impaired driving. Bodily fluid tests have thus far proved to be unreliable in determining impairment levels, though tests are ongoing. Roadside oral-fluid tests are in a trial phase to see if they will function properly in frigid temperatures.

Toronto man arrested for violent crimes after nightclub incident

There is something about a night out at a loud and crowded social venue that can bring out the worst in some people. Perhaps that is what happened at an east GTA nightclub recently when a fight broke out between two late night revelers. In the aftermath of the fight, a single person now faces charges for violent crimes after allegedly discharging a gun.

The incident took place on March 25 at a nightclub about 30 minutes east of Toronto. Just before 2 a.m., two men were removed from the Music Hall on King Street East in downtown Oshawa after the pair got into a fight inside the club. The altercation moved into the street, at which point it is alleged one of the two men retrieved a gun from his car.

Man suspected of sexual assault surrenders to police

When one is a suspect in the commission of a violent crime, one's natural inclination may be to try to avoid detection by staying out of sight. A better idea may be to simply cooperate with authorities, within reason. A man accused of sexual assault in Toronto chose that route, after police issued a warrant for his arrest.

The incident allegedly occurred on March 23 in an apartment building near Jane Street and Sheppard Avenue. A 17-year-old girl reported she had been held at gunpoint and sexually assaulted. A police statement indicated she was apparently recorded on video at some point during the assault.