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New laws for those caught driving under the influence coming soon

The laws governing impaired driving in Ontario are about to change. Driving under the influence does not currently carry the same penalty for drug use as it does for alcohol. As of Oct. 2, 2016, the playing field will be more level.

Ontario drivers who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol will not only face criminal charges, but they will also have their licences suspended. As the law stands currently, men and women impaired by drugs behind the wheel face criminal prosecution, but they do not lose their licences. Under the newly revised law, high drivers will now have their driving privileges taken away, just the same as drunk drivers.

Toronto chess instructor accused of sexual assault

To be a teacher is to be in a position of trust -- trust from parents, children and the educational institute. When that trust is alleged to have been broken, things can become very difficult for the accused in an instant. A Toronto instructor facing charges of sexual assault now finds himself in the middle of a teacher's nightmare.

Toronto Police arrested a 55-year old man on Sept. 14, 2016, after a complaint was filed against him. The accused is a chess instructor at a private school in the northeast corner of Scarborough. The parents of a 10-year old female student of the school made the complaint after their daughter was allegedly assaulted while at her lessons. He has been charged with sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and sexual assault.

Patient accuses doctor of sexual assault

Certain professions require a person to deal with others at an atypical level of intimacy. Individuals with such careers may find themselves in potentially compromising situations, situations in which some may perceive a breach of trust has occurred. An Ontario doctor stands accused of sexual assault after a patient felt such a breach took place.

Toronto Police were notified on Sept. 6, 2016 of an alleged sexual assault. A 48-year old woman went for treatment at the 200 Bay Street office of an orthopedic surgeon. In her statement, the woman claims the doctor sexually assaulted her during the course of her visit. No details as to the nature of the assault were released.

Driver charged with impaired driving claims to have been sleeping

When it comes to the law, things are seldom black and white. No matter how plain a matter may seem to be, sometimes there's an unlikely explanation that comes to light during a case.  For one man a late night in Toronto led to a tragic incidence of impaired driving with a potentially bizarre twist.

On June 20, 2014 a 41-year old Alliston worker was struck by a vehicle and killed as he painted lines on a city street. A woman at the scene was also hit by the vehicle, but recovered from her injuries. The vehicle was alleged to have been speeding through the area and did not remain at the accident site.

Alcohol not always cause of impaired driving

Impaired driving is not synonymous with drunk driving. Though the majority of impaired driving charges result from the use of alcohol, drugs -- both legal and otherwise -- do account for some instances. Take the following recent example from southwestern Ontario.

Drivers in Tecumseh, just east of Windsor, reported an apparent drunk driver during the last week of August 2016. Police responded to the report and intercepted a vehicle near County Road 22. The suspect vehicle proceeded to crash into the police cruiser, leading the officers to conclude the driver , a woman, was drunk. As it turns out, she had not been drinking; instead, she had been impaired by a drug in her system.

Toronto and Kingston connections in drug trafficking case

Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have unexpectedly dire consequences. Regardless of an individual's intentions, it may be that the actions of another place him or her in a difficult position. A Toronto man recently accused of drug trafficking found this out firsthand. 

Kingston Police were following a suspected local drug trafficker on Sept. 1, 2016. The suspect made his way to the VIA Rail station on John Counter Boulevard where he was observed meeting with a second man who had just arrived on a train from the Toronto area. The second man was carrying a bag, and the two made their way to the first suspect's nearby vehicle.

Three facing drug trafficking charges after seniors' home raid

Sometimes crime happens in the least likely of places. An apartment building for senior citizens in rural Ontario is not where one would expect to find an alleged drug trafficking operation. However, that is exactly what police discovered recently, and three people are now facing a variety of charges.

On August 18, 2016, Durham Regional Police officers with a warrant conducted a search of a seniors' residence on Perry Street in Uxbridge, Ontario. Acting on tips from the public, officers entered a unit of the residence and uncovered a stash of drugs, cash and a weapon. Ten marijuana plants were found, as well as opiates, cocaine, hashish and an estimated $15,000 worth of illegal cigarettes. Over $15,000 in cash was also seized, some of it hidden in the walls of the unit, as well as a rifle and ammunition.

Man faces multiple charges from alleged impaired driving accident

Driving in the wee hours in a dark and remote area can be a risky venture. When one adds impaired driving to the mix, it often becomes a recipe for disaster. The lives of several people were forever changed after one man's alleged poor choices caused a major accident recently.

Early in the morning of August 14, 2016, three vehicles were involved in a head-on collision in northeast Toronto. The accident occurred on Steeles Avenue East near Reesor Road, a hilly, rural part of the city just north of Rouge Park. In attempt to pass a small sedan, the driver of a pickup truck moved from the westbound lane to the eastbound side of the road as the two vehicles crested a hill. The pickup struck an eastbound compact car, forcing the compact into a collision with the sedan.

Man charged with sexual assault failed to disclose HIV status

The laws of this country were written to be as clear as possible and leave little doubt as to their application. However, there are some laws that leave themselves open to interpretation. Determining guilt or innocence can be difficult in such situations. For an Ontario man facing sexual assault charges, a vague set of parameters may be the difference between conviction and freedom.

A 20-year old Burlington man was arrested and charged for sex crimes on August 15, 2016. The arrest was carried out by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service. The accused is a civilian army cadet instructor at Canadian Forces Base Borden near Barrie, Ontario. In total, he is facing four charges of aggravated assault for failing to disclose his positive HIV status.

Uber driver denies violent crime claim by passengers

It is almost a given these days that when a person feels he or she is being wronged, he or she is going to pull out a cellphone and document the incident. While these videos can be helpful when it comes to verifying the facts of a situation, they only show what that person wants seen. When the incident is an apparent violent crime, the evidence can be very damaging to the accused. A Toronto driver-for-hire recently found this out the hard way.

Four female passengers entered an Uber vehicle on August 13, 2016, at around 6:30 p.m. They were travelling from a location near King Street West and Spadina Avenue to the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. The driver, a 42-year old man, claims the passengers were frustrated because he was unable to pick them up directly in front of their location due to heavy traffic. Traffic slowed down the journey, and the driver reportedly opted for a route that differed from the one the passengers had requested. The trip, which can take about 10 minutes, took an hour, and the driver alleges the passengers were upset about the $17 fare.