Neuberger & Partners LLP - Why Us | Video Transcript

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JOSEPH NEUBERGER: You probably never thought that you would require the services of a criminal lawyer. And so I want to take this opportunity to speak with you for a few moments about what we do distinctively at Neuberger & Partners.

First, I'd like to discuss with you the preparation phase for cross examination. When defending a criminal case, no matter what charge, be it an assault charge, a homicide or a fraud, it requires the same attention to detail and focus on developing a cross examination which gets across to the court your defense theory. That's an extremely important aspect of the case.

We spend a considerable amount of time understanding how the Crown, that is the government, will prosecute the case. When we fully understand that, we can then develop the defense theory. We're client-focused, so we'll meet with the client on a regular basis to review the disclosure, discuss strategies and ultimately develop a theory that will be crafted into the cross examination of one or more witnesses that the Crown will call on their case.

When we move from preparation for trial and preparing cross examination, we then move to another phase which is the actual trial. Because we're client-focused, we need to work closely with our clients so they are developed and comfortable with the process.

Most of the time they will be a witness at the trial. So we spend considerable time working with the client, teaching them how to be a witness and how to present themselves to the trier of fact, that being the judge or a jury.

We will meet with the client usually on two, three or even four occasions where the client will be prepared for their testimony. They will go through an extensive process of questioning and cross examination. By the time they hit that witness stand, they have learned how to be a witness before the court and presentation in front of a judge or a jury is extremely important.

We at Neuberger & Partners work closely with our clients. We're detail focused and we do very, very comprehensive cross examination of all Crown witnesses. We do all of this in order to achieve success for our clients. And we work hard and we'll work hard with you if you need our services.