Neuberger & Partners LLP - Who Is Joseph Neuberger | Video Transcript

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JOSEPH NEUBERGER: In order to provide you with a bit of background about myself, I'd like to review with you my education and work history. In 1991 I graduated Osgoode Hall Law School. I went on to complete a master's degree in law with a specialty in criminal law. Since graduating law school I've practiced exclusively as a criminal defense lawyer.

In 2002, I was appointed to the Ontario Review Board as a legal member and alt chair. In addition, I've been sought after by government agencies to represent them at coroner's inquests and public inquiries.

I've spent countless hours working with the advocate society, criminal lawyers association, assisting and instructing other lawyers on how to defend cases such as sexual assault, domestic assault, homicide, and generally in the areas of cross examination and examination of experts.

I look forward to the opportunity to sit down with you and review the facts of your case.