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ANCHOR: Well we have new information tonight about the Pickering woman accusing comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault. The alleged victim may have taped her conversations with Cosby. But as our Kathryn McDonald tells us tonight, that may not help her case.

KATHRYN MCDONALD: This is the 31-year-old Pickering woman who has accused Bill Cosby of drugging and groping her. Cosby has yet to be charged, but new evidence now in the hands of Pennsylvania's Montgomery County District Attorney's office may help state prosecutors decide whether or not to proceed with the case.

Sources say the woman, a former college basketball star, audio taped conversations she had with Cosby. Phone calls that were apparently initiated by Cosby after she filed a complaint with Durham Regional Police in January. The contents of the tape, which are said to support her allegations.

Lawyers for the alleged victim, a former Temple University employee, declined to comment, as has Cosby's attorney. According to the Philadelphia Police report, the alleged victim was invited back to Cosby's home in a Philadelphia suburb in January 2004.

[GRAPHIC: Police Report Took pills for "stress & tension"]

KATHRYN MCDONALD: Where she took some pills he gave her to help her deal with stress and tension. After becoming dizzy, she rested on a sofa.

[GRAPHIC: Cosby "touched her breast and placed hand on penis"]

KATHRYN MCDONALD: And then she recalls Cosby touching her breasts and placing her hand on his penis. Though her memories are fuzzy, she said she awoke about 4 a.m. with her clothing in disarray and her bra undone.

[GRAPHIC: Awoke with "clothing in disarray and bra undone"]

KATHRYN MCDONALD: The woman says she didn't go to police earlier in part due to Mr. Cosby's fame and due to her position at Temple.

[GRAPHIC: Waited due to "Mr. Cosby's fame and due to her position at Temple"]

KATHRYN MCDONALD: ABC News has reported Cosby told investigators he had consensual sex with the woman. This criminal lawyer says because the phone call was taped without Cosby's consent, U.S. laws may prevent it from being admissible. But if not, it could seal the woman's case.

JOSEPH NEUBERGER: If there's something in there, which amounts to some inculpable statement by Cosby, that certainly, certainly could impair his credibility. I mean if he's engaging in some form of negotiation to exchange money to try and keep it secret, there can be other explanations. Who needs this flashed in front of the newspaper? I mean he's a very profiled individual. But, you know, it also can undermine his credibility in this case and support her credibility.