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JOSEPH NEUBERGER: Hello. Welcome to Neuberger & Partners. I'm Joseph Neuberger.

Chances are you are visiting this site because either you or someone close to you is facing a difficult situation. These valuable moments that you spend with us will profoundly influence some of the most important decisions that you'll have to make in you life.

A criminal charge can impact you life in a very significant way. If you've been charged with a criminal offence, you may be feeling that your world has just undergone a very big change. You may find yourself thinking about some of the most basic, fundamental values a person can have, such as your freedom and dignity.

My partner I work through the defense process with you step by step. We do everything we can to minimize the stressful elements.

Neuberger & Partners: What it comes down to is this--someone has accused you of a crime. And you have to defend that charge as if your life depends on it because no doubt it does.

JOSEPH NEUBERGER: At Neuberger & Partners, we give a better fight from our detailed, thorough, preparation to incisive cross-examination at the witness stand.

We're sensitive to your needs. But we're aggressive when it comes to defending your rights.

Neuberger & Partners: Every day the world becomes more complicated. And the law is no exception. As technology advances, there are more ways for you to be watched and more ways for you to become implicated in a crime. To keep up to date, a lawyer requires in-depth expertise. At Neuberger & Partners, that's our passion. And we're recognized experts in our field.

JOSEPH NEUBERGER: We have the expertise you need and deserve. Our unparalleled determination and superior service means that we will mount the best defense on your behalf.

Neuberger & Partners: If you've been charged, this is a crucial time for you. Your future may well depend on it. If you've come for help, you've come to the right place.

At Neuberger & Partners, you can count on a better fight.