Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyers

Proven Defence for Assault and Sexual Offences

An accusation of sexual assault or related offences demands immediate attention from experienced and effective lawyers with the tools, knowledge, resources and experience to handle complex criminal defences. With monumental consequences that can permanently affect the life of an accused, do not wait to get the guidance and counsel you need.

There is no substitute for experience and a proven track record of success for clients. For over 23 years, Joseph Neuberger has successfully defended well over a thousand clients with a unique approach to developing strong defences. Neuberger & Partners LLP is a leading criminal defence firm with a proven reputation for success across the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario. Our Toronto sexual assault charge lawyers are highly trained professionals with decades of relevant experience and a commitment to thorough preparation. We have successfully defended a wide range of sexual offences.

Neuberger & Partners LLP employs tremendous resources in applying a team approach to cases. We have three senior law clerks and one senior paralegal who work closely on files along with the lawyers. We draw upon experts in many fields including forensics, private investigators and technology to go well beyond the facts presented by the prosecution and dig deep into the case to uncover powerful evidence that can be used to cross-examine complainants and in many past cases uncover fabricated or false allegations. Careful and detailed analysis of the evidence, including statements, and the use of other resources, such as Family law court documents, if the matters arises in the context of a bitter divorce dispute, all combine to assist Joseph Neuberger in developing a unique and effective method to successfully defending clients.

A Comprehensive Sexual Assault and Sex Crimes Defence

Our firm is well equipped to take on a wide range of sex crimes cases, including major criminal charges:

We also can take on cases involving sexual assault in the workplace, employing our respected evidence-gathering and investigative skills to build a custom strategy around the unique circumstances of your case.

Brampton Sexual Interference Law Firm in Toronto

Sexual interference with a minor is a serious crime with extreme consequences. If you have been charged with sexually touching a minor under the age of 14, it is important that you seek an experienced and dedicated criminal defence law firm to help protect your rights and interests. Located in Toronto, our firm represents individuals in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Newmarket and throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Thorough Defence Representation Against the Harshest Consequences

A conviction on any of these charges and numerous others can result in substantial jail time, as well as the permanent requirement of having to file as a sexual offender. We provide clients thorough representation that challenges prosecutors, employ experts to perform independent investigation and provide testimony, and interview witnesses. These cases can often be won or lost based on the work done during pretrial investigation and preparation. We also review past communications, including e-mails, instant messages, MSN chats and text messages.

Our commitment to complete preparation has helped us build a dependable reputation based on proven success.* We have the resources and knowledge to take on complex cases, including those involving sexual assault where a complainant makes allegations years or decades later or there is a question about consent.

The Legal Strength to Fight for You

Any criminal sexual allegation, whether for assault or another violation, cannot be taken lightly. From the moment you are suspected of being involved in a sexual assault or sex crime, you need determined defence counsel that can inform and advocate for you.

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*Past results do not guarantee success in any particular case.