Karla Homolka Section 810 Violation

  Neuberger Rose LLP - Section 810 [GRAPHIC: Team Coverage Section 810] ANCHOR: Well now to the legal angle and accusations that Karla Homolka has violated the conditions of her release as issued under Section 810. She's not supposed to associate with criminals or have any contact with children, but her employer claims she did both. Global's Sean Mallen continues our team coverage with that story now. [GRAPHIC: Newspaper article] SEAN MALLEN: When Richer Lapointe [phonetic] peddled his Karla Homolka story to the news media, it cast a cloud over her new freedom. [GRAPHIC: Newspaper photo] SEAN MALLEN: Because he alleges that she has been breaking the provisions of her Section 810 order. [GRAPHIC: Newspaper article] SEAN MALLEN: The order that restricts her movements as someone considered a threat to re-offend. [GRAPHIC: Newspaper photo] SEAN MALLEN: She's not supposed to associate with violent criminals. [GRAPHIC: Newspaper photo] SEAN MALLEN: But Lapointe claims Homolka asked him to do a favor for a convicted murderer. [GRAPHIC: Newspaper photo] SEAN MALLEN: She's not supposed to be with children but Lapointe says he left her alone with his two kids in his shop. Now the focus is on Quebec authorities to check out the allegations. JEAN CHAREST: The ministries of justice and the, and the courts and the Crown lawyers have their responsibilities. We have confidence in them and we assume that they will fulfill their judicial responsibilities. [GRAPHIC: Front page of The Sun] SEAN MALLEN: For the families of Homolka's victims, the new pictures of her life on the outside carry extra weight. TIM DANSON: From the very unique perspective of my client is that it's very painful to watch or see and view pictures of Karla Homolka-- [GRAPHIC: Karla walking dog] TIM DANSON: --you know, playing with her dog. [GRAPHIC: Karla holding dog] [GRAPHIC: Victim photos] TIM DANSON: And it just kind of brings home that Karla Homolka is free and their children are dead. SEAN MALLEN: The victim's families have always asserted that she is bound to re-offend. Tim Danson says the allegations clearly demand serious investigation, particularly in light of reports that Lapointe taped Homolka's comments. TIM DANSON: And if the prosecution can prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, she is exposed to a sentence up to two years in prison. And we think this would be an appropriate case for the maximum sentence. [GRAPHIC: Newspaper photo] SEAN MALLEN: Richer Lapointe himself potentially places Homolka in jeopardy because of his own brushes with the law. JOSEPH NEUBERGER: Now if this individual does have a criminal record and charges before the court and she knew that he did have a criminal record, she would be in violation of that term. SEAN MALLEN: So it's Homolka's knowledge that counts. And for what it's worth, Tim Danson doubts very much that she knew that Lapointe had a criminal record. Danson, by the way, himself spoke with Lapointe directly after the stories came out. And he says he told Lapointe to talk to police and tell them all he knows. Back to you Leslie. ANCHOR: All right, Sean Mallen in Queen's Park, thank you. Earlier we told you-- [Abrupt end]