"The whole ENTIRE family cannot even begin to thank you enough. Although this is your job, we really do appreciate your hard work and attachment to this case. Thank you very much Joseph"

A.E. (2013)

"Its the miracle i have been hoping for - thanks to the excellent job you did, thanks again--- now i can get some peaceful sleep."

Z.M (2013)

"Peace will take some time but happiness is definitely starting to come back. I had given up all hope until I met you.I'm just going to come out and say it: you are like an older brother I always wished I had. You are the best criminal defense lawyer and an amazing human being.I will proudly recommend you to all my peers.Thanks for fighting for me.On the positive note: I have two job interviews tomorrow and three more next week.
I will not let this lesson go to waste."


T.S. (2012)

"Joseph, My family and I are so grateful for the efforts and professional manner in how you handled the various components of my charges; and being successful in having these charges withdrawn."

J.T. (2012)

"It was a relief and a pleasure to have Joseph Neuberger and his dedicated team take on my case. He recognized the case as a false allegation of sexual interference and did everything within his power to ensure that I could fight this hard-to-win charge. Throughout the entire process, Joseph and his team were encouraging without making bold forward-looking statements. Instead, they focused on creating a defence which was facilitated by the truth. At the preliminary hearing, Joseph demonstrated his talent for cross-examination by ensuring that the inconsistent and false testimony of the complainant was obvious to everyone present. The Crown had no choice but to withdraw. In this country, where all of the odds are stacked against anyone charged with sexual interference, no matter how clearly false they may be, you need a strong and dedicated defence lawyer like Joseph Neuberger on your side."

P.W. (2012)

"My wife was doing everything she could to destroy me in the divorce. She was alienating me from my daughter, and the charges of sexual assault, and domestic abuse were too much to bear. Other lawyers told me to resolve the case. When I retained Joseph Neuberger helped me develop a plan, not only to successfully defend the criminal charges but to get my life back on track and take control of the divorce case. He referred me to an excellent family law lawyer and worked very hard on my behalf. He spent a lot of time helping me with preparing for trial and he was able to source out documents and evidence to help prove the evidence was fabricated. Joseph is an outstanding trial lawyer, and he did a fantastic job with the jury. I would not have the relationship I now have with my daughter if it were not for Joseph's skill, experience and hard work."

S.N. (2011)

"When I was arrested the lawyer I used at the bail hearing told me that he could get me a good deal. I felt like no one would believe me. It felt like there was no way to defend the case. I was referred to Joseph Neuberger and he was very generous with his time and was understanding of my anxiety. His staff took the time to explain the process to me and to help me when I needed more explanation. They are all very kind. Mr. Neuberger has vision. He asked me helpful questions that allowed me to find evidence that was important for my defence. He spent hours going through endless text and email communications with the complainant and found evidence that really supported my defence and showed that the complainant was not telling the truth. If Mr. Neuberger did not ask me to go through my history with the complainant and help me recover important communications, I would have been in a more difficult situation. Joseph was so good at cross-examining the complainant that I did not need to testify and I was found not guilty of all charges. I am delighted to provide this testimonial and to say that Mr. Neuberger and his firm are a group of dedicated and outstanding clerks and lawyers."

S.S. (2011)


"Joseph Neuberger successfully defended me on two cases. I was referred to him because of his experience and expertise. There is no doubt that Joseph is a very talented criminal defence lawyer and I am honoured to provide this testimonial. I have referred Joseph many clients and he has successfully defended each and every case. I am fortunate to have met him and retained him when I needed help most in my life."

M.S. (2010)

"I was in a very difficult position. The charges were very serious and if convicted I would have not only gone to jail, but would have lost my livelihood and my family. Joseph Neuberger not only skilfully won the case, but in doing so he gave me back my life, my family and my dignity. I will forever be grateful to Joseph"


"Joseph Neuberger masterfully defended my case. Before I retained Mr. Neuberger I felt trapped and that the system would crush me. Joseph Neuberger made me feel very comfortable and gave me confidence to endure the court process. Joseph is a dedicated, hard working and extremely approachable lawyer. He put in countless hours developing my defence and proving my innocence. There is no doubt that he saved my family life and my future. Joseph is an outstanding criminal defence lawyer, and I cannot thank him enough for helping me out of this mess."
Alan B."


"With Joseph Neuberger's help, we gained the confidence to make it through one of the worst experiences in our lives. We were in a real crisis.  My husband was facing very serious charges that could have ruined our lives and future.  To those of you who do not know Joseph Neuberger, I speak from personal experience about his incredible knowledge and skill as a criminal defense lawyer.  Because of Mr. Neuberger's hard work and detailed approach to the case, we gained the confidence and security we needed to make it through this very tough time.  He treated us with the utmost respect and honesty.  Anybody who has Mr. Neuberger as a defense lawyer, friend or acquaintance is very blessed to have him in their lives.  We appreciate what he has done for us and he will always be in our hearts. 
Elizabeth M."


"Joseph A. Neuberger is an outstanding criminal defence lawyer. He was incredibly detailed, skilful and creative in his approach to developing my defence and proving my innocence. I was wrongly accused of a horrible crime. I was innocent. He carefully reviewed all of the evidence, including very technical evidence, and was able to develop excellent strategies for proving my innocence. His team at his office, including his senior paralegal Grace, make a formidable defence team. I am very grateful for his expert legal work. I put lot of research into hiring a lawyer, and I am very confident that Joseph Neuberger is the best criminal defence lawyer when someone like me faces very serious charges.