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The penalties upon conviction for cocaine possession or trafficking can be much more severe than the penalties associated with similar crimes such as marijuana possession. If you are facing charges of cocaine possession in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario or throughout Canada, it is in your best interests to exercise your right to legal counsel.

At the law firm of Neuberger & Partners LLP, our criminal defence lawyers offer skilled legal counsel to individuals facing drug charges. We provide personalized advice and legal services to our clients, fully informing them of their rights, so they can make informed decisions about their case.

Severe Consequences for a Cocaine Possession Conviction

In addition to criminal penalties such as fines or incarceration, a conviction for cocaine possession could have a devastating impact on any immigration proceedings you may be involved in. Having a conviction on your record could preclude you from entering the United States. For this and other reasons, it is vital to have an experienced Toronto cocaine possession lawyer on your side.

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