Are You Facing Allegations or Charges Related to Domestic Violence?

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Comprehensive and Aggressive Defence Regarding Any Charges You are Facing Related to Domestic Violence.

  • We understand the importance of immediate action to protect your reputation and rights because of the police policy to 'arrest first, ask questions later' in domestic situations.
  • We are a leading Ontario criminal defence law firm that also works closely with family law lawyers to develop a strong and detailed case that protects your interests in criminal and family court, especially if you are also facing allegations that may affect your divorce and child custody options.
  • Our Toronto domestic violence defence lawyers have extensive experience handling these types of sensitive cases, including how to utilize all types of information from social media data to family court documents to help defend you.
  • Whether you are accused of assault, a sexual charge, criminal harassment or any other criminal charge stemming from a domestic incident, we know the significant consequences that a conviction or even an accusation can result in, which is why we conduct independent, exhaustive investigations.

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